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Main Features

  • Graphical interface.
  • Modular structure with arbitrary topology.
  • No restriction on the network size.
  • Events detection and back-tracking.
  • Load-Flow calculation.
  • Initial conditions entirely, partly or not defined.
  • Stable operating point entirely saved.
  • Interactive read/write access to any parameter
  • Harmonics analysis.
  • Parameterization.
  • SI or per unit outputs.
  • Available tutorials and help-on-line.
  • Runs on PC with Windows NT,2000,XP

Main Features Screen 1

Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD)

  • Special machines.
  • Power electronics converters.
  • Cyclo-converters.
  • Voltage Source Inverters (VSI).
  • Analog / Digital mixed signal simulation.
  • Control and regulation.

Main Features 2

Electrical Power Networks

  • Electrical machines.
  • Electromagnetic transients in AC/DC networks.
  • Transient stability and general fault analysis.
  • SubSynchronous Resonance (SSR).
  • FACTS.
  • HVDC, SVC.
  • Control and regulation.

Electrical Power Networks

Regulation part

  • Easy to build your own regulation diagrams
  • Mathematical functions, logical table
  • S-transfer functions, regulator
  • Digital devices, Z-transfer functions
  • Control devices, ON-LINE FFT
  • User defined DLL for control

Regulation part

Simulation software for the analysis of electrical power networks,
adjustable speed drives and hydraulic sytems
  • Hydroelectric interaction.
  • One set of differential equations including hydraulic components, mechanical masses, electrical units and control devices ensures that the hydroelectric interactions are properly taken into account.
  • Transient analysis.
  • Francis pump-turbine.
  • Losses coefficient parameterization.
  • Waterhammer calculation.
  • Control and regulation.
  • Steady-state conditions of hydroelectric power plant with arbitrary topology.
  • Analysis of the dynamic behavior of complex piping systems.
Hydro-acoustic in piping systems
  • Pressure source allowing pseudo Random Binary Sequence (PRBS) for eigen frequency calculation.
  • Parameterization of discrete losses coefficient allows to consider multi-junctions effects.
Regulation part
  • Own regulation diagrams easy to build.
  • Mathematical functions, logical table.
  • S-transfer functions, regulator.
  • Digital devices, Z-transfer functions.
  • Control devices, ON-LINE FFT.
  • User defined DLL for control.


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