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OMEGA 7.0 builds on its solid set of tools and functions, while offering exciting new features, improvements, and efficiencies. These enhancements enable beginners to hit the ground running, while providing seasoned experts the ability to create even more sophisticated, technical, and advanced layouts with greater ease – and in less time.


Persistent foil adjust – easier to use foil adjust for color to color correction  •
User Palette – customized by the user  •
Select by job palette – allows selection from the job palette  •
Keyboard customize- allows user assignable hotkeys  •
Plot Backcut improvements, including layer name monitoring, output selection and easily identified Backcut cuts in GQMgr  •
CS software functions added – including clipping paths and process colors  •
Back-cut improvements – layer name monitoring and device selection  •
Function Templates – savable function sets for outline, repeats, and shadows  •
Snap-To Indicators  •
Repeats – QTY of  •
SplView Enhancements  •
Interactive Constraint indicators  •
Export to hot folder/ save to current path  •
Layer Manager enhancements  •

OMEGA 7.0 Computer Hardware and Software Requirements

OMEGA 7.0 is compatible with:

  • Windows® 10 Professional 32 or 64 bit*
  • Windows 8 Professional 32 or 64 bit*


  • Auto-Carve 3D* and Gerber Braille Interpreter will not run on 64 bit systems, even if upgrading from a previous version of OMEGA. 32 bit OS is required for these
  • Windows 8 and 10 no longer support ECP parallel ports. Therefore GERBER EDGE® and GERBER EDGE 2 printers must use a Gerber USB to Parallel Port option (P83301A) that can interface EDGE and EDGE 2 printers to computers with these operating systems.
  • The EDGE FX uses an Ethernet port and does not require any additional adapters.

Minimum hardware requirements are dictated by the operating system used.

CPU Intel Pentium IV™ (a higher-performance processor is recommended)
RAM 2 GB (more recommended)
Free Disk Space 40+ GB (more recommended)
Video Display 1024 X 728 min resolution and support of 16 million colors. Other video hardware as required by your operating system.
DVD-ROM drive Required. Writable DVD is recommended.
3.5″ Floppy drive Optional for use with Legacy options, fonts, etc.
USB Ports 1 required. At least two recommended.
Ethernet Ports 1 required for use with the GERBER EDGE FX.
Serial (9-pin) 1 required for use with Gerber sprocket plotters and /or routers.
• Gerber offers a USB to Serial Adapter (P83305A) if a serial port is not available.
Parallel Ports Not Supported GERBER EDGE and GERBER EDGE 2 printers must use a Gerber USB to Parallel Port option (P83301A).
Mouse or Pointing Device Required

Additional hard disk space, memory and faster processors will improve performance, especially when working in data intensive operations or with large files.

If running an EDGE 1 or EDGE 2 you must use the GSP USB to Parallel cable.

  • Windows 8 and 10 do not support the needed EDGE 1 and EDGE 2 parallel port usage. Therefore you cannot communicate with a GERBER EDGE or EDGE 2 printer VIA PARALLEL PORT when using these operating systems. You will need the above GSP USB to Parallel Cable.
Windows 8 or 10
32 bit
Windows 8 or 10
64 bit*
Composer and other design functions. Create and save PLT files. OK OK
Omega Plot rendering of SPL files. OK OK
EDGE and EDGE 2 connections via parallel ports NO
EDGE and EDGE 2 printers must use a Gerber USB to Parallel Port option (P83301A).
EDGE and EDGE 2 printers must use a Gerber USB to Parallel Port option (P83301A).
EDGE FX (Ethernet only) OK OK
Plotters via serial port OK OK
Plotters via Gerber USB to Serial Cable OK OK
Plotters via Off the shelf USB to Serial Cables GSP Cable strongly recommended GSP Cable strongly recommended

* Auto-Carve 3D and Gerber Braille Interpreter require a 32 bit operating system


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