FLOW-3D HYDRO 2022r2 cracked release

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What’s New in FLOW-3D HYDRO

With the release of FLOW-3D HYDRO 2022R2, Flow Science has unified the workstation and HPC versions of FLOW-3D HYDRO to deliver a single solver engine capable of taking advantage of any type of hardware architecture, from single node CPU configurations to multi-node parallel high performance computing executions. Additional developments include improved entrained air functionalities, as well as boundary condition definition improvements for water and environmental applications.

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Unified solver

We migrated our FLOW-3D products to a single, unified solver to run seamlessly on local workstations or on high performance computing hardware environments.

Many users run their models on laptops or local workstations, but in addition run larger models on high performance computing clusters. With the 2022R2 release, the unified solver allows users to exploit the same benefits of OpenMP/MPI hybrid parallelization from HPC solutions to run on workstations and laptops.

Example of performance scaling
Example of performance scaling using an increasing number of CPU cores
Mesh decomposition - 2 socket workstation
Example of mesh decomposition for OpenMP/MPI hybrid parallelization on a 2 socket workstation

Multi socket workstations

Multi socket workstations are now very common and capable of running large simulations. With the new unified solver, users using this type of hardware will generally see performance gains from being able to run models taking advantage of OpenMP/MPI hybrid parallelization that used to be only available on HPC cluster configurations.

Low level routines improved vectorization and memory access

Performance gains on the order of 10% to 20% have been observed for most test cases, with some cases yielding run-time benefits in excess of 20%.

Refined volumetric convective stability limit

Time step stability limit is a major driver in model runtime, with 2022R2, a new time step stability limit, 3D convective stability limit, is available in the numerics widget. For models that are running and convection limited (cx, cy, or cz limits) the new option has shown typical speed-ups on the order of 30%.

Pressure solver pre-conditioner

In some cases, for challenging flow configurations, run times can be drawn out due to excessive pressure solver iterations. For those difficult cases, with 2022R2, when a model iterates too heavily, FLOW-3D automatically activates a new pre-conditioner to help with pressure convergence. Tests have improvements in runtime anywhere from 1.9 to 335 faster!

Log conformation tensor method for visco-elastic fluids

A new solver option for visco-elastic fluids is available to our users, and is particularly effective for high Weissenberg numbers.

FLOW-3D HYDRO boundary conditions refinements

Two improvements for water application boundary conditions are available in FLOW-3D HYDRO 2022R2. Shallow water volume flow rate boundary conditions have been improved to yield more realistic, spatially-varying velocity profiles so users can reduce the domain size without losing accuracy. For natural inlet boundary conditions, the response to transient conditions can be improved with the use of the rating curve relaxation time option.

Streamwise varying velocity profile
Example of streamwise varying velocity profile at the inlet boundary

Improved entrained air functionalities

For diffusers and similar bubble flow applications, mass sources can now be used to introduce air into the water column. In addition, default values for the turbulent diffusion of entrained air and dissolved oxygen have been updated.

FLOW-3D Overview

FLOW-3D is a computational fluid dynamics software (CFD) product that allows you to address engineering problems through comprehensive 3D modeling and fluid simulation capabilities. You can build detailed 3D models with accurate meshing basexd on your exact geometry definitions. The simulation software also features a multiphysics suite of scenarios that include advanced physical models, turbulence, and a variety of flow types. These tools help you save money on testing and prototyping since you can fine-tune products in a controlled digital environment. Flow-3D is available as software as a service (SaaS), also known as a cloud-based application. You can also install it on Windows and Linux-based workstations.

Who Uses FLOW-3D?

Businesses use the product in industries such as manufacturing, natural resources, biotechnology, aerospace, maritime production, and scientific research.

FLOW-3D Features

  • Modeling: An advanced meshing module enables you to create precise shapes based on the particular geometry you require. The program helps you build structured mesh objects in a multitude of shapes. It also has the ability to import CAD data from external drafting software products so that you can design and modify your product down to the finest detail.
  • Turbulence: The simulation software includes a selection of turbulence models so that you can design objects that are durable and able to stand up to the rigors of volatile liquids and gases. It also comes with a dynamic variety of flow-type simulations for enhanced turbulence replication capabilities.
  • Particles: With FLOW-3D, you can generate various particle instances that simulate effects such as heat, air, and water. It allows you to create both linear and non-linear particles in order to replicate phenomena such as evaporation, heat transfer, solidification so that you can recreate different conditions that help you create more robust and longer-lasting products.
  • Multi-processor power: The system enables you to use multiple processors by aggregating their computing power into a single instance. This process helps you optimize the speed of your fluid dynamics simulation tests.
  • Data processing: FLOW 3D comes with a robust data processing toolkit that delivers a clear picture of system efficiency. You can generate reports from a number of built-in metrics or establish customized reporting capabilities that return the exact results you need to grow your business.
  • Integrated software: The application can be fully integrated with third-party software solutions that extend the product’s functionality. You can connect it to external computer-aided design (CAD) systems, visualization software, and materials databases, providing you with a more streamlined workflow.

FLOW-3D Pricing

The program’s website doesn’t have any specific pricing details listed, which is fairly common in highly functional, customizable software products. You can contact the vendor through the website to request a price quote or schedule a product demo to see it in action. FLOW-3D is a comprehensive CTD software product that allows you to build and import detailed 3D models. It also helps you test them against a variety of physical phenomena. Could it be a good fit for your business needs?

Is FLOW-3D Worth It?

This application serves as a dynamic testing environment for developing new products through detailed 3D modeling capabilities. It is equipped with tools that allow users to test and simulate a wide range of physical components like air, water, and other liquids and gases. These comprehensive simulation scenarios enable you to design products that can stand up to the elements, which will increase customer satisfaction and provide you with a healthy return on investment (ROI). If your business is in the market for a fully-featured simulation software product that comes fully integrated with external applications, you’ll likely want to consider FLOW-3D.


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