KLT Suite (WinATLAS, WinBatch, WinATLAS/TIN, WinATLAS/DSP, gpSpeedPack, ProjectOrtho, AirTrig, TERRAIN)

250.00 $

KLT Associates has been developing mapping and photogrammetric software since 1973.

In the early days, we wrote the firmware for the Automatic Table (“AT”) developed by Data Technology, Inc.  These “AT” tables replaced the old mechanical pantographs that were used to trace maps. The analog stereoplotters were fitted with “encoders” that turned the stereoplotter operator’s tracing motion into electrical signals.  These signals were then read by a microprocessor that controlled a large flat-bed, motor-driven drafting table with a pen fitted to the end of the arm.  Yes, that’s how maps were made 40 years ago.  The early Plotter Control Processor (“PCP”) could trace contours or draw point-to-point lines with a variety of solid/dashed/dotted line styles, as well as plot symbols and text at any desired scale.  Eventually, the Intelligent Plotter Controller (“IPC”) could also compute splined lines between digitized data points, and it could plot proportionally spaced “Leroy” lettering following straight or curved lines.




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