Leica Infinity V4.0.1 cracked license

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Surveying Software

What are the main features coming with v4.0.1?

  • Leica iCON GRD geoid file support
  • Import Leica Zeno jobs with CSCS file support
  • Export DXF/DWG files with configurable precision
  • User defined URL for Bricsys 24/7
  • Many additional features and improvements described in the release notes


Now with the ability to process data directly from Leica 3D laser scanners, Leica Infinity is more than a user-friendly geospatial office software for measurement professionals, it’s a productivity powerhouse that connects field to office like never before. Leica Infinity enhances data communication, enables complex project collaboration, and speeds up post-processing by connecting Leica Geosystems services, CAD workflows, and even 3rd party services.

Big jobs demand a seamless software experience and Leica Infinity delivers. Easily manage and process data from multiple sites and survey teams and from all of your different survey instruments – digital levels, total stations, UAVs, GNSS sensors, and now even scanners – all in one intuitive surveying software. Plus you can edit, archive, and export data directly to CAD, GIS and BIM applications. With all of your data in one place, you’ll stay infinitely connected and keep projects moving with fast accessibility, smooth data transfer, and a user-friendly platform that will give you greater traceability and control. That’s workflow efficiency, times infinity.

Are you ready for simplified, seamless workflows? Are you ready for the only true, one-bridge solution between Leica field instruments and CAD software? Then you’re ready for Leica Infinity.


Direct access to a broad range of external services and support for various data formats ensure you are using up-to-date data everywhere at any stage of a project. Visualise your data to get to know it. Extract, calculate and prepare the required information to be ready for the fieldwork.


Direct data exchange between office-to-field and field-to-office allows your team to work efficiently with correct data. Onsite, measure everything as planned and in the office, understand what was measured in the field. Infinity supports all surveying sensors and tasks.


Built-in processing tools ensure traceability and reliable results. Combine data and create point clouds, surfaces, comparisons and much more. Comprehensive reporting on each step of the way ensures you are in complete control of your data.


Infinitely connected throughout the entire workflow cycle. Share the data at any stage of a project and deliver required high-quality results using integrated services.

Leica Infinity supports the industries that build our world.



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