HampsonRussell 10.4.1 cracked license

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Geophysical Interpretation Tools

HampsonRussell offers a fully integrated suite of world-class geophysical interpretation tools for reservoir characterization. Known for its ease of use, HampsonRussell makes sophisticated geophysical techniques accessible to all levels of geophysicists. New features for reservoir characterization now available in 10.4.1.


HampsonRussell Solution Products

  • AVO
  • Strata
  • Emerge
  • LithoSI
  • RockSI™
  • GeoSI
  • ProAZ
  • Pro4D
  • ProMC
  • MapPredict
  • Attributes
  • Gather Conditioning
  • Batch Processing
  • Geoview
  • Seismic
  • Log
  • AVO Fluid Inversion (AFI)
  • Additional 12 Threads
  • Advanced 3D Viewer

Now Available HampsonRussell 10.4.1 | January 2019:

New features in HampsonRussell version 10.4.1 delivers continual improvements in reservoir characterization and seismic interpretation technologies aimed at making sophisticated geophysical analysis and workflows accessible to every geoscientist.

Power of Machine Learning in Emerge for better reservoir characterization
Machine learning has been a component in Emerge for decades. A key enhancement is Emerge Deep Learning allowing for more accurate reservoir characterization.

Advanced Seismic Conditioning
This is a new module to improve seismic data quality and achieve more confidence in inversion and AVO.

AVO Quick Modeling
AVO Quick Modeling has an expanded range of tools to generate 1D/2D/3D synthetic models and analyze potential seismic response. Its RockSI component provides linkage to rock physics.

Multi Node Processing (MNP)
Multi Node Processing distributed across several Linux machines can radically reduce the run-time of pre and post-stack inversion, AVO and gather conditioning processes. It can be used in the cloud which enables scalability of hardware resources.

Advanced Python Scripting
Advanced Python Scripting for seismic processes enables adding Python plug-ins, giving you a freedom to incorporate your advanced R&D algorithms directly into HampsonRussell.

Accomplish your exploration and development objectives at every stage of your reservoir characterization and interpretation workflows with HampsonRussell 10.4.1.



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