CPS (CRNET) CHC Precision Positioning Service Software

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CHC Precision Positioning Service Software (CPS) is a new version of distributed NTRIP software developed by CHC which is compatible with GPS, GLONASS, BDS, Galileo and suitable for large scale NTRIP service.


Key Features

● Support calculation with any combination of the GPS, GLONASS, BDS and Galileo
● Compatible with GNSS reference receivers from various manufacturers
● Distributed deployment with three standalone software to mitigate the operating pressure of large CORS system
● Coverage of large areas
● Various connection protocols such as TCP client/server, UDP client/server, NTRIP, Telnet
● Functionality modules to achieve various purposes such station QC, realtime RINEX data storage, ionosphere values calculation, map viewing, online user reviewing, etc
● SQL Server or Access database
● Windows Server 2008 / 2012
● Unlimited NTRIP accounts
● Easy configuration of the software, full control of the system


Powerful NTRIP Calculation Software

The CHC Precision Service, known as CPS, is a new generation of distributed CORS software produced by CHC. CPS supports GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou (BDS), and it is compatible with various reference receiver models from different manufacturers and brands. CPS is designed for large scale CORS services in large areas. With the optimized analysis of major systematic errors, like ionospheric, tropospheric, orbit and multipath errors, CPS provides to rover users the optimized spatial corrections from single based and network based method with services of RTK and DGNSS, to help surveyors or application devices to get more reliable and precise CORS services.

Distributed design. CPS is composed of three main software: CHC Stream to connect the data from   all reference stations and to stream these data to CPS, CPS to conduct the core calculation and service, and CHC Caster to provide uniform access for large areas. The distributed structure helps CORS administrators easily control and monitor the system, and at the same time breaks the pressure loads of the whole system down to several independent server computers and thus keeps the whole system stable and safe.

All functions in one package. There are various functionality modules in CPS: QC module to check the data quality of each reference station; storage module to convert the real-time raw data from each reference station to RINEX or HCN data. RTK and RTD (realtime differential GNSS) services are both available to provide. Ionosphere values of the local areas are calculated hour by hour. Map view tool shows the locations of reference stations as well as rover users. There is also online user details to show the status of the rover devices.



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