EdgeWise 5.4 cracked version

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With automated extraction of gridded steel, enhanced automated pipe extraction, deeper Revit integration and a Plant 3D plug-in

The research lab at ClearEdge has done it again! EdgeWise 5.1 is our biggest software update ever. Kevin Williams, Chief Scientist, and his team have completely updated the core automated feature extraction algorithms and the results are amazing. Not only is the pipe extractionSUBSTANTIALLY better, they’ve also designed new algorithms to automate the extraction of gridded structural steel and concrete. Pretty groundbreaking stuff! Here’s what’s in the 5.1 release:

  • New  pipe extraction algorithms that virtually eliminate false positives
  • New technology to automate the extraction of gridded steel and concrete structures—this will fundamentally change the way you model structure
  • New Plant 3D plug-in that brings EdgeWise intelligent models directly into Plant 3D
  • Improved Revit plugin that enables import of even out-of-tolerance as-built elbows
  • The new photo-realistic visualization engine called ClearView™
  • And much more!

Check out the features in EdgeWise

EdgeWise BIM Suite

Purchase EdgeWise MEP, EdgeWise Structure and EdgeWise Building and Save!

The EdgeWise BIM Suite™ combines EdgeWise MEP, EdgeWise Structure and EdgeWise Building for a powerful automated BIM solution, one that will take you from field-to-finished BIM faster than any other software.  Purchase the EdgeWise BIM Suite and receive the speed and accuracy of structure extraction, cylinder extraction and planar extraction on a single platform for one lower price.

Purchase EdgeWise Building together with EdgeWise MEP for a substantial discount.

Cut Modeling Time by Up to 70%

The EdgeWise BIM Suite arms you with three powerful software tools to create the most efficient and fastest BIM workflow. Users report up to a 70% savings over traditional modeling workflows.

With the savings in labor time, it’s easy to justify the cost of the software. –C.J. Sondgerath, BIM Specialist, LP Ciminelli, Inc.

Full Revit Integration

The EdgeWise BIM Suite is fully integrated with Revit so structure, walls, windows, pipes, conduit, and round ducting automatically extracted in EdgeWise export to Revit as the proper Revit Family.

EdgeWise Plant Suite

 The EdgeWise Plant Suite™ combines EdgeWise Plant and EdgeWise Structure along with our PDMS and PCF plug-ins to create a powerful, highly-accurate plant modeling platform. You will be able to create accurate as-built plant facility models much faster than current workflows. Purchase the EdgeWise Plant Suite and receive the speed and accuracy of structure extraction, cylinder extraction and full integration with PDMS, CADWorx and a host of other platforms for a lower price.

The EdgeWise Plant Suite combines two powerful as-built modeling platforms to dramatically shorten your modeling workflows

With the savings in labor time, it’s easy to justify the cost of the software. –C.J. Sondgerath, BIM Specialist, LP Ciminelli, Inc.

Full PDMS and PCF Integration

The EdgeWise Plant Suite is fully integrated with PDMS so pipes and structure (coming soon) extracted in EdgeWise export to the PDMS Dabacon database as intelligent objects. Likewise with any CAD platform that supports the PCF format.


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