TEBIS Version 4.0 Release 5

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Faster NC calculations and shorter loading, response and search times – the key feature of the new Tebis Version 4.0 Release 5 is its extremely high performance.


Not only have our own tests provided thoroughly positive results. Our beta testers have also been convinced by the performance of the new release. Lars Schumann, NC programming manager at SD Automotive GmbH, writes:

I have compared the calculation times for roughly 20 parts of differing complexity and size – everything was represented from small parts up to the side wall. I am thrilled. Most of the parts were calculated about 30% faster in re-roughing with RPlan. However, I was especially pleased with the amazingly faster tool search in feature machining with MFeat. I especially tested large parts with many ruled geometries here. The time benefit is spectacular.

Johannes Grosch, CAD/CAM services, says on the same topic:

The time benefits in collision checking in the Job Manager as well as the improvements in the graphics for large parts are very noticeable. I am currently designing a gauge for a door panel and have to work with files of 1 to 2.5 GB. Operations such as shading these parts are significantly faster. It is a pleasure working with this beta version.

Depending on the part, NC programming has become between two and 40% faster. We have even been able to improve general performance by up to 90%. We have put together a few examples for you:

NC calculation

Pump housing

Version 4.0 Release 4: 6 minutes, 12 seconds

Version 4.0 Release 5: 3 minutes, 42 seconds

Tool search in feature machining including collision checking

Machine axis, 223 features, 705 tools

Version 4.0 Release 4: 10 minutes

Version 4.0 Release 5: 2 minutes

Start machine simulation for an NC program with multiple NCJobs

Blower ring

Version 4.0 Release 4: 1 minute, 12 seconds

Version 4.0 Release 5: 9 seconds

By the way, the software will be improving still further with the next releases. A keyword here is area reduction on roughing.

In addition to the high performance, there have also been some changes in the Job Manager in Release 5, for prismatic machining as well as for drilling and laser cutting:

Job Manager

More automation and simplified handling. The options for transforming elements have been extended. For example, it can be freely selected whether the reference point is also to be transformed. The transformations can be freely designated and mirrored NCJobs are stored on new layers. Subsequent correction of the reference point is not necessary. In addition, collisions can now be saved in both interactive and automatic collision checking. Thee tools need no longer be checked in the collision analysis.

Milling – prismatic machining

Efficiently produce steep cavities, now even in 2-axis machining operations. The “Re-roughing upwards” supplemental option has been integrated in the NC2Ax function for roughing free-form pockets. The consistent path distance enables the prevention of excessive step formation. Tools are worn uniformly; machine run times are shorter due to fewer milling paths.

2-axis drilling

Faster thread milling. The infeed movement in thread milling is traversed at stepover feed until the thread diameter is reached.

Laser cutting

Shorter manufacturing times, more flexibility. Path correction is now performed via element selection for form elements. The starting position is freely selectable; undesired interpolations are prevented. The text can also be freely edited in user-defined technology macros. Subsequent changes in the *.tec file are not necessary.


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