CADMATIC Marine Design

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CADMATIC Marine Design software allows you to significantly save time during the design, engineering and production phases. The high quality engineering information enables a higher degree of prefabrication and pre-outfitting of blocks, thereby reducing building time. The marine engineering software is easy to learn and fastest to implement on the market.

CADMATIC Hull software is easy and accurate and faster than comparable marine design systems. Ship structures can be modelled easily and changes can be executed quickly thanks to the software’s built-in and intelligent structural topology. CADMATIC Hull software also offers a wide range of functionalities for generating ship drawings and listings, production information and plate nesting, importing of hull shape data, development of shell plates, and several 2D and 3D interoperability functions.

CADMATIC Outfitting software offers a complete solution for diagrams, layout, piping, HVAC, electrical and outfitting design, including all shipbuilding disciplines. The efficient and easy-to-use tools within our marine engineering software will help your design team to create complete and accurate 3D outfitting models of a ship. All the required drawings and sketches can be produced e.g. piping layout drawings, equipment layouts in different areas, list materials and piping isometric and spool drawings. The Laser Scan Modeller is one of the additional modules for CADMATIC’s Marine Design software. It is an integrated solution for seamless use of data from laser scanners to 3D models and production data.

CADMATIC’s distributed design solution (CoDesigner) enables the participation of the best specialists around the globe in your projects and seamless project sharing to entire engineering networks.

The CADMATIC eBrowser and eGo project management and review tools facilitate project reviews by allowing owners and managers to communicate about marine engineering projects efficiently via virtual tours.

CADMATIC Marine Design software is one of the best marine engineering software solutions available.



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