PC-DMIS 2019 R2

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Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has released the latest edition PC-DMIS.

PC-DMIS 2019 R2 introduces Home Page, a new way to interact with PC-DMIS that improves convenience, productivity and brings content to the user in an attractive, intuitive way, whether user focus is on the creation of measurement routines or executing them in the factory. Home Page is a significant enhancement of the traditional PC-DMIS main screen to make recent programs and favourites accessible directly from the home screen. Users can create folders and organise their measurement routines how they need them. Home Page also brings helpful content and support directly into PC-DMIS. Users now have seamless access to the latest product news, support contact, helpful videos, the PC-DMIS idea center and the regular PC-DMIS newsletter.


The already broad capabilities of PC-DMIS are extended further with new optional support for the skidless Breitmeier Messtechnik Roughness Sensor. Allowing users to measure roughness in PC-DMIS for the first time, the user-friendly interface enables the user to create a roughness scan command in one click, without needing extensive training or to learn new software.

The new Thickness Colormap function provides the user with clear, intuitive graphics showing the thickness of a component. This feature can either show measured thickness using mesh or point cloud data or can be used to show deviations to the CAD model, allowing the user to see immediately where attention is needed.

Another notable enhancement includes new capabilities introduced to the software’s widely acclaimed GD&T Selection from Capture. When released in 2019 R1, this new feature helped transform the way GD&T data is added to a measurement program. Now it has been improved with better OCR recognition, including feature control frames, datums and datum targets.

With the new Ring Light Migration feature, users can now move measurement programs from one machine to a machine that uses different ring light configurations faster and with fewer errors. This allows the efficient migration of programs on offline machines, maximising machine productivity. Enhancements to the Measurement Strategy Widget allow quick and easy changes to common measurement parameters with either a single feature or a pattern of features without the need to access the full feature dialogs.

“We are very pleased to release this latest version of our market-leading metrology software PC-DMIS,” says Stephen Graham, President Metrology Software at Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “PC-DMIS 2019 R2 continues our strategy towards meeting the needs of our metrology customers with innovative solutions that save time, drive productivity and enable our customers’ strategies to realize a smarter factory. The improvements in this version bring us ever closer to a perfect balance between user experience and capability.”

Other Improvements


GD&T Selection From Capture V2
  • It can now recognise feature control frames, datum and datum targets. Also it can tolerate a small amount of rotation.
  • When defining datum targets. An optional pause step is available. The GD&T Selection From Capture process can be paused in order to get all the datum targets and corresponding datums fully defined. A resume button is available to restart the process.
  • GD&T Selection From Capture detection has been reworked to improve speed.
  • Example prints and CAD models are included with the install, which can be used to try the GD&T Selection From Capture capabilities.
  • Free with CAD and CAD++.
User-added image
 User-added image 
Summary Mode Refresh
  • Summary Mode is now a simplified command level viewer, with an additional “Peek Window” to quickly interrogate the content of features​.
  • Double click commands to bring up the editing (F9) dialog.
  • Free with PRO, CAD and CAD++.
  • There is also a Summary Mode (Preview) view mode available to take an early look at our next generation window, which is planned to launch next version. Note that not all existing Summary Mode capability is supported in this Preview release.


Inspect 4.1 Including Support For Pallets

  • New Pallet playlist type for configuring and measuring palletized batches.
  • Configure Trace fields in Inspect that get injected into routines.
  • Configure files (PDF, MP4, etc) for operators to view prior to execution.
  • Supports copying routines locally from server before executing.
  • Shows execution time remaining.
  • Slideshow editor quality of life improvements.
  • Free with PRO, CAD and CAD++
  • Slideshow requires separate license or active SMA.
User-added image
User-added image Area Scan For Tracker

  • You can select the Area Scan measurement mode from the Tracker Operation toolbar or from the menu (Tracker | Measurement Profile | Area Scan).
  • When connected to the Leica ATS600 Tracker with a Surface probe, the Area Scan buttons are:
  – Standard Area Scan
– Fast Area Scan
– Precise Area Scan
  • Free with PRO, CAD and CAD++.


O-QIS Chart

  • Users are now able to insert individual charts (run-charts) pulled from O-QIS into their PC-DMIS reports.
  • This feature allows users to associate part history with the selected dimension providing additional information needed to make process decisions in real time.
  • The user must have O-QIS (or qs-Stat in previous versions). O-QIS must be running in order to pull the chart during routine execution.
  • Free with PRO, CAD and CAD++ (O-QIS is required).
User-added image
User-added image
  • New EDGECAM Import allows the part model to be loaded.
  • It also allows EDGECAM features XML file to be loaded, which automatically creates PC-DMIS measurement features
  • Seamless EDGECAM and P-DMIS integration, allowing for much faster measurement routine creation.
  • XML file expected to have the same name as the .ppf EDGECAM file – e.g. buckle.pff and buckle.xml
  • Free with CAD or CAD++.


  • Thickness Scan and Thickness Gage now available through automation.
  • You can now drag and drop CAD files into the graphics window. The drop follows the same process as a file import. The saves having to open the import dialog. Based on the extension we determine the file format and import the file using the DCT. If your license is not valid for a specific file type, the import will fail.
  • The auto insert summary now only shows items that failed. The user can click on an item to bring it into view in the graphics window.
  • Updated NX DCI Support NX (test up to version 1859).
  • If you choose the EXPORT COPOPER with a cross section using IGES type, PC-DMIS exports the selected cross sections as a B-spline curve using IGES Type 126.
  • Added Global S Machine Model
  • Added Optiv Classic 3.2.2 Machine Model
  • Check Collision option added for Auto Calibrate command to avoid probes hitting CMM frame.
  • For the ATS600 Tracker, ‘Quality Filter’ settings (None, Low, Medium and High) have been added to the Edit > Machine Interface Setup dialog > Surface Probe tab. This broadening filter removes points which are measured when the laser beam is partially on and partially off the part surface.
  • PC-DMIS supports the Sphere probe for the ATS600 Tracker. You can select the Sphere probe from the Probes list on the Settings toolbar (View | Toolbars | Settings).  To measure the sphere centerpoint:
1. Select the Sphere probe from the Probe list on the Settings toolbar.
2. Point the tracker beam at the physical sphere.
3. Click the Take Hit button or press Ctrl+H to measure the sphere. PC-DMIS returns the sphere centerpoint as the measured point.
  • When connected to the Leica ATS600 Tracker, you can select the Surface target as the active probe. Using the Surface probe, you can take hits reflectorless or measure an area scan.
  • Added a toolbar button to connect / disconnect from the LAS Scanner
Features & Pointcloud
  • Vision features now obtain vectors from CAD model.
  • With Vision, we now give the user Live View Setup dialog option for turning on/off the features drawn in the Live View.
  • When using the Measurement Strategy Editor. It will now be in sync with the units of the active measurement routine.
  • There is an F5 setting to disable the Measurement Strategy Editor.
  • The Pointcloud Point Colormap can now be selected as the active colormap from the Colormaps combo box on the Pointcloud or QuickCloud toolbars.
  • Add command line shortcut “/nomigrate” to avoid migrating previous version settings on a first run.
  • Install PC-DMIS Help into its own folder, and make it install offline help by default.
User Interface
  • As requested from Idea Centre, we have changed the default to No for Auto Continue option in Yes / No Comment
  • Added Documentation for 4-Axis Scanning
  • Added Cookies Policy console at the bottom of each Help topic to give an easy way to enable or disable Help file tracking analytics and an easy-to-find link to our Privacy Policy.
  • Moved Excel Form Report menu option from Insert | Modules to Insert | Report Command section.
  • Removed What’s New, Forum and Idea Center from Help menu, as they are now available on the Home Page.


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