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Innovative Platform & Game-Changing Solutions

ETAP 18 offers a powerful set of new products and major features & capabilities. This game-changing release brings together innovative solutions for modeling, analysis, and operation at your fingertips.

  • Intelligent System Modeling & Network Management
  • Advanced Power System Analysis Modules
  • Innovative Power Management & Automation Solutions
  • Latest Data Exchange & Interface Tools


etapAPP Data Collection & Synchronization App

Field data collection and simultaneous user project management synchronized with ETAP

 Available soon for free download from Microsoft® and Apple® App stores

ETApp Tablet


One-Line Diagram

Complete or subsystem network

ETApp Smart Connect

Smart Connect

Auto-insert devices without breaking connections

ETApp Smart Touch

Smart Touch

One finger & two finger actions

ETApp Composites


Nested one-line diagram using composite networks

ETApp Data Access

Data Access

User-based data access & synchronization

ETApp Camera


Capture pictures & hyperlink to ETAP model

ETApp Data Hub


Wireless connections & synchronization

ETApp components


View, edit & verify data using property data grid views

StarZ T&D Protection & Coordination

Transmission and distribution system protection & coordination software offers insight into line protection evaluation, protective relay performance and system-wide protective device operation

  • Evaluate & verify system Protection & Coordination
  • Reduce human error in relay settings & logic
  • Simulate model-specific protection settings & functions
  • Use real-time operational data for system evaluation

ArcFault Arcing Fault Hazard Evaluation

High voltage arc flash assessment module to analyze systems up to 800 kV

  • Arc fault analysis using NESC & OSHA methods
  • Extended model for ‘Arc in a Box’
  • Arc flash analysis data for equipment above 15 kV


High Voltage Arc Flash


eTraX Rail Traction System

Solution for analyzing, managing, and simulating low & medium voltage train power systems

  • Data Centralization: Geospatial, Schematics, Planning, Protection & Operations
  • Solve AC & DC Power Systems Simultaneously
  • Train Performance Calculation
  • Verified & Validated against benchmarks & global standard
  • Conceptual design & study to system integration & operation
  • Traction eSCADA with Real-Time Predictive Simulation

TDLF Time Domain Load Flow

Unsymmetrical Unified AC & DC Power Flow based on time-varying load and generation

  • Simultaneous AC & DC simulation
  • Unified alerts & reporting
  • Varying load & generation as a function of time

EMTP Electromagnetic Transient Program

Electromagnetic Transient Programs (EMTP) for simulation & analysis of power system transients

  • Dedicated module for EMT analysis
  • Export ETAP electrical data to PSCAD® & EMTP-RV
  • Automatic mapping of attributes

Electromagnetic Transient Program

Electromagnetic Transient Program


Renewable & Microgrid

New renewable energy models for accurate static and dynamic simulation, equipment sizing, grid interconnection studies and field verification of wind and solar farms

  • Design & analyze solar farms & wind parks
  • Microgrid modeling & design
  • Wind & PV integration impact on transmission grid
  • Wind & PV impact on distribution grid as Distributed Energy Resource
  • WTG short-circuit modeling per IEC 60909-2016

ETAP-RT Power Monitoring & Control

New applications and major enhancement to ETAP Power Management & Automation solution

  • etapADMS™ – Advanced Distribution Management System
  • Switch Order Management – SOM
  • Electrical SCADA protocols & dashboards
  • Native IEC 60870 & ICCP protocols
  • Long-term Load Forecasting
  • Real-Time & Historical reports
  • Intelligent Load Shedding dashboard

System Modeling

ETAP 18 offers several new and time saving features and capabilities for intelligent system modeling and network management.

  • Powerful Plot Manager
  • New elements & engineering libraries
  • One-Line Diagram & Datablock enhancements
  • Intelligent Geospatial Diagram

Analysis Module

Major Enhancements

  • Balanced System Load Flow
  • Unbalanced System Load Flow
  • Short Circuit – IEC 909-2016 ed. 2
  • Arc Flash
  • Harmonics
  • Transient Stability & User-defined Dynamic Modeling
  • Star™ – Protection & Coordination
  • Switching Sequence Management
  • Reliability Assessment
  • Cable Sizing


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